FAQ about post.au.dk

How do I log on to post.au.dk?

Go to https://post.au.dk and log on with:

  • Username: au<AUID>@uni.au.dk (e.g. au123456@uni.au.dk)
  • Password: the same as on mitstudie.au.dk (Selv-service)

Email client abroad

Please note that your AU-mail will not work on the email client if you leave the country. Use webmail instead.

More about using mail whilst abroad.

I have forgotten my password to post.au.dk, what do I do?

Access your mailbox in post.au.dk with your username and password to mitstudie.au.dk (Self-service). If you have forgotten your password, please go to https://adgang.au.dk/en 

If you are unable to access your AU email and have not linked a private email address to your au email, you can go to mit.au.dk and log in with WAYF and NemID to change your password.

Can I get another email address?

On mit.au.dk (Self-service) and E-mail addresses you can find your email address:

  • <studentID>@post.au.dk

Go to Create alias to change your email name (before @). All former email alias will be deleted in order to others to be able to use them.

What is the size of my mailbox?

You have unlimited space in your mailbox. However, there is a limit of 50 MB when you attach files.

Please be aware that some types of files (e.g. images) take up more space when they are attached so the practical limit is 40-45 MB.


What happens to my email when I no longer study at AU?

  • Your mail account will be closed when you are no longer a student at Aarhus University. The closure will take place at the same time as the closure of other IT accesses; this will happen within 3 months after you are no longer registered as a student.