Guest students (credit module)

Enrolment in a credit module

Would you like to replace some of the compulsory or elective courses in your degree programme with individual courses from a degree programme at Aarhus University?

Read below how you can do it.

What does ‘credit’ mean?

A credit module is a module or course you take in another subject than your main subject and that can replace compulsory or elective courses in your degree programme, i.e. you qualify for credit transfer.

A credit module is therefore not a course you take in addition to your degree programme. If you would like to take modules in addition to your degree programme at Aarhus BSS, please go to our website for Continuing Education.

What are the prerequisites for enrolment in a credit module?

The prerequisites for enrolment in a credit module are:

  • That the course is open to the enrolment of guest students
    At Aarhus BSS, courses that are open to the enrolment of guest students are registered with the course type 'Vacant place scheme'. Courses that are exclusively registered with the course type 'Ordinary' are not available for guest students. You can find the courses that are registered with the course type 'Vacant place scheme' in the AU Course Catalogue
  • That credit for the module/course can be transferred
    The board of studies for your main subject must confirm that credit for the course can be transferred to your current degree programme and thereby replace a module in your current programme.
  • There are vacant places on the course you wish to be enrolled in 
    The assessment of whether there is a place on the course is conducted before semester start in January and August respectively. You can expect a response to your application thereafter.
  • That you meet admission requirement
    You must meet the admission requirements that apply to the degree programme in question, where the guest course is offered. In general, the following applies:
    • Admission to Master's degree level requires that you have a completed Bachelor’s degree corresponding to 180 ECTS credits.
    • Admission to Bachelor's degree level in some cases requires a specific upper secondary school level. For example, it is a requirement that you have Mathematics at min. B level, if you wish to be admitted to a course at the bachelor's degree programme in Business Administration.

That you are enrolled in a higher education programme
It is not a prerequisite that you are already enrolled in a degree programme at Aarhus University. All students who are enrolled as full-time students in a Danish university degree programme can apply for enrollment as a guest student.


  • It is not possible to enroll in courses offered on the Master's degree programme in Information Technology – IT, Organisation and Communication (ITKO).
  • On the Bachelor degree programme in Psychology only course in the autumn semester is open to enrollment for guest students. On the Master's degree programme in Psychology only one interdisciplinary seminar in the spring semester is open to enrollment for guest students. Find the range of specific courses in the course catalogue.

Please note

  • If we have full admission, and thus no free seats on the first year, it is not possible to apply for courses in the first and second semester of our undergraduate programmes.
  • We cannot guarantee that all courses will be established.
  • A course can be cancelled even before the registration deadline.
  • We cannot guarantee that class schedules do not collide.
  • The courses that you have applied for may have either recommended or mandatory prerequisites. These are described in the course description in the course catalogue. It is your own responsibility to make sure you fulfill these prerequisites, and you are therefore not allowed to delay the teaching on the basis of any lacking knowledge entailed in these.


The registration deadline is 14 days before the semester commences.

The Bachelor’s and Master's degree courses, offered for visiting student, can be found in the course catalogue. Please note that some subjects can be filled with the programmes’ own students. It is therefore advisable to contact the Student Counselling Office for information before you start looking for courses.

Remember to attach the following documentation to your application:

  • Pre-approved credit transfer documentation from your board of study
  • Diploma for your upper secondary education. Please note that it must comply with the minimum admission requirements.
  • For applicants who are not enrolled at Aarhus University, documentation of current educational attainment (evidence confirmed transcript, etc. ).

You can expect to receive an answer to your application in mid-January/August.

You apply by filling out this application form 

Please send the application form to


You only need to indicate your citizenship on the form if you are NOT a Danish citizen. If you are a citizen of a country outside the EU or the EEA, you have to pay for your studies in Denmark unless you have permanent residence, a permit with a potential for permanent residence in Denmark, or if you are studying in Denmark under an exchange programme. As Aarhus University does not have access to your residence permit, you must enclose a copy of the permit if you want to be exempt from payment.