Student offices


Students at the department can apply for a student office either as a group or individually. Student offices are located around the department and are allocated each semester. Since we do not have offices for everybody, we also have a waiting list. Accordingly, we expect students who receive an office to use it. If we deem that the office is not being used we might reallocate it.

When student offices are allocated, we prioritise:

  1. Master students who are doing their thesis
  2. Students with special needs (e.g., social or physical challenges, students who need machinery and similar in their project etc.)

Since the student office will be your main workspace for this period, we understand and expect that you furnish and organize the office enough to have a comfortable work environment. You can acquire additional chairs, tables, shelves and whiteboards through building management on the Hopper-0 corridor. Through Labtools and you can borrow monitors for the office – but stock isn’t endless, so it’s first come first serve. If you require things like extension cables, we expect you to purchase or bring these yourself. You are not allowed to use kettles, microwave ovens, refridgerators etc. in the offices, due to fire safety. Furniture and equipment in the office is your own responsibility, and we expect a fully cleaned and tidy room when you leave. Make sure to empty your bins yourselves - as often as necessary.

You apply for an office by filling out the application form. Remember to list all the study numbers of all group members.

In order to have your application processed, we expect you to fill in the form correctly;

  • When applying as a group, only one application should be filed. 
  • Student numbers in group applications should have one single space as separator. 
  • You can only be considered in one application - do not apply multiple times.
Important dates
Fall semester 2023 office allocations 28th of August 2023 to 27th of January 2024
Spring semester application deadline 10th of January 2024
Handover week and clean-up 27th of January 2024 to 2nd of February 2024
Spring semester 2024 office allocations 5th of February 2024 to 29th of June 2024
Clean-up week  1st of July 2024 to 9th of July 2024
Fall semester 2024 application deadline 14th of August 2024
Fall semester 2024 office allocations 26th of August 2024 to 25th of January 2025
Handover week and clean-up 27th of January 2025 to 2nd of February 2025

Who can apply?

  • Computer Science students (bachelor and master)
  • IT Product Development (bachelor and master)
  • Master students in Data Science (who specialise in Computer Science)

If you are from another subject and apply, please explain why you need an office under "Special Needs" in the application form

Door Sign Generator

Since we expect the office to be utilized, and since we need to be able to contact the owners, we expect you to generate, print and set up a door sign by your office. You must use this generator:

We expect correct names and emails on your door signs. Your titles and pictures has a certain amount of artistic flexibility as long as it follows the Aarhus University rules and regulations, and adheres to the Department Code of Conduct.

Application deadline Spring Semester 2024:

10th of January at 12.00 (noon).

Office reset requirements

During handover week we expect you to internally coordinate if you leave any equipment or furniture to the group taking over.

If you have been allocated a different office than last semester, and wish to stay in your current one, you must coordinate with the group who has been granted your current office.  

  • You must reset the furniture as the office was received. 
  • You must remove all personal belongings and clean up all trash. 
  • You must clean whiteboards and shelves. 
  • You must remove your door sign and leave door open when finished with clean-up.