How to transfer credits

If you are a full-time student it is possible to have exams taken at other institutions transferred and inserted into your study programme. However, the courses must be academically evaluated and approved by The Study Committee. The courses can be inserted either as electives or, in case of complete equivalence, as compulsory courses. If you are a bachelor student the courses must be bachelor courses, and if you are a master student the courses must be master courses. You will only get a credit transfer if the Study Committee is completely convinced about level and content in the exams that you have taken at other universities. Therefore, it is important that you follow the guidelines below when applying for credit transfer.

How to apply for credit transfer/ pre-approval of subjects

If you want to replace a course in your study programme with a course from another programme, you can either apply for a pre-approval (before you leave) or transfer (after you have completed the course). It is the Board of Studies that determines whether you can be granted a pre-approval or credit transfer.

If you wish to apply for pre-approval for/credit from another Danish institution, use the application in the Self Service System.

If you wish to apply for pre-approval for/credit from a different study programme at Aarhus University you need to use the application form ‘Courses – at AU’.

When credit module is completed and passed, the course will automatically be transferred to your degree programme.

If you wish to apply for pre-approval for/credit from a Study Abroad, please look under Study Abroad.

The pre-approval is not a guarantee for admission to the course(-s) you have applied for pre-approval for and you must contact the relevant institution to apply for admission to the subject/subjects.

If you want a course as supplement to your programme, you must apply as a fee paying single subject student.

What information do I need to apply?

Pre-approval (before taking a course at another university ):

  • Name of the course(-), programme and institution
  • Detailed course descriptions in Danish or English where level (undergraduate or graduate ) and grading scale is shown. The course description must as a minimum include the following:
    • Syllabus; the outline of the course – which topics have been covered etc.
    • Bibliography i.e. the literature used in the course
    • Number of lectures per week/semester
    • Exam form
    • ECTS credits
  • If the credits for the course is not specified in ECTS, you must convert to this.For example: If another university demands that there students take 30 credits in two semesters in order to follow the prescribed full-time study, a yearly full-time study will be 30 credits. A yearly full-time study at AU constitutes 60 ECTS. This means that one credit a the other university corresponds to 2 ECTS.
  • Which courses from your study programme the courses is to replace

You must make one application per course you would like to have pre-approved.

Merit (transfer of passed courses from other universities):

  • Certified transcript of completed courses, i.e. a transcript with stamp and signature of the institution where the courses have been passed.
  • For courses taken at foreign institutions the application must be accompanied by an official description of the grading scale used.
  • An English course title must be provided for all the courses you are applying to have transferred.
  • Pre-approval of the courses you are applying to have transferred, or course description in Danish or English of the courses that you apply to have transferred (including course level , ECTS , etc.).
  • Which courses the courses in question are to replace on your own study programme.

You must make one application per course you would like to have transferred.

You can only apply for credit or pre-approval when you have collected all relevant information stated above.

Grade transfer

When you apply for credit transfer for a course in your study programme, the course for which you are seeking credit must be completed with a mark according to the 12-point grading scale at the institution in question. However, this does not apply to courses that are completed with pass/fail assessment or courses completed at foreign institutions.

If the course you are applying for a credit transfer for is completed with a mark according to the 12-point scale, the grade from this course will be inserted into your study programme. Hence, grade will be included in your overall average.

Marks obtained at foreign institutions cannot be converted to a corresponding Danish mark and will therefore not be included in your overall grade average. If the course has been completed at a foreign institution, your examination result will be transferred as “Pass.”

The assessment

Processing the application usually takes up to 8 weeks. We cannot handle urgent cases in this matter.

If you have questions regarding credit transfer, please contact the student counsellors.