Study environment

The new S building at Fuglesangs Allé was inaugurated after the summer holidays 2012. With up to 600 study spaces, a large canteen and a concert hall, the student-dedicated building will be setting new standards for state-of-the-art, hi-tech architecture at Aarhus University.

The five-storey, 11,000 sq m building also houses meeting and study group rooms, offices, modern classrooms and relaxing lounge environments. Two multi-purpose rooms also offer another large number of study spaces for students who prefer more social surroundings for their studies. There are also plenty of possibilities for doing group work or individual studying several other places in the S building, the Library, Plug down and possibly at the new bookshop when it relocates.

In the classrooms, the old blackboards and whiteboards have been replaced by smart boards which can be operated by the touch of your fingers.

Due to the outward migration of students from Fuglesangs Allé as well as the occupancy of the new building in September 2012, the school will be able to offer students really good study conditions, with a sufficient amount of modern classrooms in the various buildings as well as several areas dedicated to students.

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