Course evaluation

Why should I evaluate?

Your opinion is a valuable contribution to the future development of courses and teaching activities. By evaluating, you give feedback to the lecturers on your experiences on the course and your perceived outcome of the course.

Course evaluations are a central tool when lecturers develop and prepare the courses, and they are crucial for offering high-quality degree programmes.

What happens after I have evaluated a course?

After you have pressed “send” on the evaluation form, many events are set in motion. The figure below shows how your response is part of the quality assurance of a course.

Programme board of studies

  • ensures the planning, execution and development of degree programmes and teaching
  • approves the plan for organising teaching and exams
  • assures and develops the quality of programmes and teaching
  • oversees the follow-up on programme and teaching evaluations
  • discusses the evaluations, formulates advice, wishes, requests and requirements for individual courses and programmes.

The director of studies

  • is responsible for the practical organisation of teaching activities and exams in cooperation with the board of studies
  • is accountable to the board of studies in relation to carrying out his or her tasks
  • is responsible for following up on course evaluations.
  • each semester informs the head of department of the main conclusions of the evaluation, and in this connection, discusses the need for a follow-up.

The head of department

  • is responsible for the teaching activities of the department - including the development of the educational environment (at the department)
  • ensures quality and coherence between the department’s research and teaching
  • is responsible for the course evaluations
  • is responsible for following up on the  evaluations of degree programmes and teaching activities - involving the board of studies and the director of studies in this process
  • is responsible for any staff-related implications of the course evaluation.

The vice-dean for education

  • ensures uniform evaluation procedures across Aarhus BSS and may request data extracts of key figures at an aggregate level as the basis for a discussion of the quality of the department’s teaching activities.

The dean

  • ensures the coherence between research and education, the quality of the degree programmes and teaching activities as well as the cross-disciplinary quality development of the faculty’s degree programmes and research activities.