How to apply for advance approval

Remember to apply for pre approval, if you are planning on taking courses at other universities in the spring 2023 semester.

If you wish to include courses at other degree programmes or universities as part of your degree programme at Aarhus University in the spring 2023 semester, you must apply for advance approval by the board of studies.

Before you apply, please make sure to read the information at the study portal's webpage about advance approval. You will find the information under ‘Counselling’ / ‘Pre-approval and credit transfer’.

Here you will find information about:

  • What you should you be aware of when you choose courses at the host university.
  • What information you must include when you apply for advance approval.
  • How to apply for advance approval, and when you can expect an answer.

Avoid prolonged processing time
Please note, your application for advance approval cannot be processed until all the required information is available.

If the course descriptions do not meet the content and formal requirements, you will be asked to obtain additional information, and this will prolong the processing time.

We therefore recommend that you do not send in your application until you have all the required information from the host university about available courses and access to adequate information about the courses.

You are welcome to contact your student counsellors, if you have questions in relation to planning your studies.


Best regards
Aarhus BSS Studies Administration 

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