Digital Exam at Health

Almost all of the exams at Health are digital which means that you turn your paper in either in the system Digital Exam or as MCQ-tests in WISEflow.

This means that you have to bring your own computer and make sure that it can run the ITX Flex monitoring program. You can find the system requirements for ITX Flex here - see the box "System requirements". PC/Mac with touch function is not supported by the digital exam system so you have to bring a regular key board.

Below you can read more about how to prepare for each of the different exam types.

There are also video guides (in Danish - see below) for written exams where you can see what you have to pay attention to BEFORE the exam starts. You can see the videos at YouTube.

Log in to Digital Exam here:

FAQ - Written on-site exams
FAQ - Take-home assignments

To all students

What to remember before the exam

To Windows users

Installer og log på Eduroam
Eksamensforløb Skriftlig prøve
Gem som PDF i Windows

To Mac users

Log på Eduroam fra Mac
Eksamensforløb Skriftlig prøve
Gem som PDF på Mac