FAQ - Oral exams and classroom participation

Oral exams and classroom participation as an exam type is in Digital Exam in order for the examinator to registere the result in the system - even though there is no handing in of a paper.

Below you can read more about how to use Digital Exam with this exam type.


Administrative support:

If you have problems with your exam registration in the system or other questions regarding the exam, you have to contact your exam coordinator. You can find the contact information on the exam in Digital Exam or in the e-mail you have received prior to the exam.

Technical support:

Contact Health IT for technical support.

Academic help:

Contact your instructor/teacher.

Before the exam

Where do I find Digital Exam?

You find the Digital Exam system by clicking on this link: eksamen.au.dk.

When can I see the exam in the system?

A notification will be sent to your post.au.dk-mail when your exam is ready in the Digital Exam system. This will happen no later than 1 (one) week before the exam starts.

All information regarding the specific exam will be shown here and we recommend that you check the exam regurlarly before it starts in order to keep yourself updated.

Classroom participation as an exam - why do I have to go to the Digital Exam system?

If you take a course where the exam type is active participation or oral exam you don't have to do anyting in the Digital Exam system. The exam is only created in the system so the examiner can register your grade.

However, you will still be notified when your exam is ready in the Digital Exam system and at oral exams you can find information about time and location of the exam.

If you have an exam where you don't turn a paper in but where material is handed out, this will take place in the Digital Exam system. You have to upload an appendix with your name and student number in order for the system to work properly.

What are WAYF and AU ID?

WAYF – Where Are You From – constitutes a link between your Aarhus University login (or any other educational institution) and external web services.

To access WAYF, you should use the same username and password as for mit.au.dk, which means you can use your mit.au.dk username and password to get access to various pages. In brief: one username and one password gives you access to several different services.  And as long as you are logged on to the system, you can jump from one service to another without having to log in again.

When using WISEflow you may be asked to enter your AU ID.

You will find your AU ID on mit.au.dk. How to:

  1. Log in to mit.au.dk.
  2. Click on “Personal Information”.
  3. Your AU ID should be visible right below your civil registration number.

If you have a new student card, your AU ID will also appear here.

What are the exam regulations at AU?

You can read the exam regulations on AU here.

What constitutes cheating at exams and what are the consequences?

Aarhus University has prepared this brochure, which explains what cheating at exams constitutes and provides examples of exam cheating. If you are in any doubt at all, we strongly urge you to ask your lecturer, your supervisor or your examiner.

Consequences of cheating at exams

It is your responsibility to stay informed about the traditions within your subject field and the code of ethics. Violating these rules is a serious matter and may be so severe that it must be treated as exam cheating.

The consequences of cheating at exams are specified in the Rules regarding disciplinary measures for students. Attempts at cheating at exams will be dealt with in accordance with the rules on exam cheating no matter whether the attempt at cheating is successful or whether you actually intended to cheat. The rules on exam cheating are applicable irrespective of the type of examination.

Find more information in the left side menu under 'Exam cheating'

Under eksamen

After the exam

Who may I contact after the exam?

If you have questions regarding your exam paper, e.g. if you have discovered that your exam paper was not handed in correctly, you may contact HE Studies - see contact information here.

How do I apply for a dispensation?

If you want to apply for a dispensation, you can read more about dispensations here.

Where and when can I see my grade?

In the Digital Exam system you can see when the deadline for assesment is and hence when you at the latest will get your grade. You can also find the deadline on your study portal under the indivitual course.

You can find your grade in STADS - Student Self-Service or at the Study Timeline.