Lunch/study room

In building 1671 the rooms 1671-012, -014 and -024 are available for the students who are free to use them as canteen or study area as needed.



  • The students are responsible for keeping rooms tidy and for cleaning the kitchen section (kitchen table, refrigerator, oven / microwave oven, coffee machines, etc.)
  • Detergents for abovementioned cleaning are available (contact the Secretariat, if you run out of something).   
  • The cleaning staff takes care of ordinary. daily cleaning of the rooms (removing dust, washing floors).


It is possible to borrow the premises for various events

  • “Fredagsbar” (Friday bars)  and parties arranged by the social committee "Chaos".
  • Reception/celebration to mark a graduation


  • The rooms are not part of the AU room booking system.
    The students must agree with each other when and how major events take place.
  • Iform the secretariat in time before before an event - Inform who is contact person?


It is important that the rooms are left tidy and clean. Mind you..

  • put all tables/chairs beck in place
  • clean the tables
  • sweep/wash the floor
  • fill/start or empty the dishwasher
  • remove all waste.
    NOTE: use the container in the parking lot behind the buildings - NOT the one in Hoegh-Guldberg Gade.

NOTE: If you are responsible for organizing an event, you are also responsible for the rooms being tidy and clean, ready for the next working day - even if you leave before closing time!!