Guidelines from The Danish Data Protection Agency

Guidelines from The Danish Data Protection Agency

On The Danish Data Protection Agency's web page you can find important information about the current guidelines in relation to your thesis and other papers. Learn more below.

Thesis etc.

The collections and registration of sensitive personal information by the students in relation to their project- and thesis writing etc. is exempted from the requirement for reporting to and permission from The Danish Data Protection Agency under certain conditions. Read more here.

Requirements to thesis etc.

There are a list of requirements to the students' handling of personal information when writing projects and thesis. Read more here.

Private research and statistics projects

The rules from The Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data apply to the handling of personal information if the handling is done with a scientific and statistical purpose. Read more here.

Publication of your master thesis

If you want to publish your thesis later you have to pay attention to the following:

  1. You have to make your own publication agreement with your supervisor.
  2. It's essential that you do not publish your thesis before it has been rated by Aarhus University. This is both relevant if you publish parts of or the entire thesis.