Alcohol policy during the introduction week

The commencement of studies is broadly understood as activities aimed at new students during the first half of the academic year. This period starts when the new students receive their letter/email of admission, and it includes the introduction week and the camp stay as well as an evaluation of the students’ initial time at the university.

The following applies specifically to the introduction week at the AU campus and the camp stay/weekend trip outside the AU campus.

  1. All new students should feel welcome to all activities, regardless of whether they drink alcohol or not.
  2. The tutors must ensure that everyone feels included in events, whether they drink alcohol or not.
  3. The commencement of studies must contain alcohol-free events. 
  4. The tutors are responsible for ensuring that the planned activities do not seem to be offensive to the individual student. 
  5. In connection with the introduction week, tutors and new students are only allowed to drink alcohol after 16:00.
  6. Academic events must always be alcohol-free, even if they are after 16:00. 
  7. The tutors must ensure that there are sober tutors present at events which the tutors are responsible for. 
  8. The guidelines also apply to the camp stay.
  9. During the camp stay, the tutor must ensure that two sober tutors, as minimum, are present during the entire camp stay. 
  10. The tutors ensure that students can be transported home from the camp stay in case of accidents.