Your diploma is digital

When you complete a degree programme at Aarhus University, your diploma will be issued in your e-Boks. You can download the diploma from your e-Boks and use it in the same way you would use a scanned copy of a hardcopy diploma.

One advantage of digital diplomas is that they are easier to share with potential employers or other relevant parties, for example in connection with a job application. You can share the diploma by giving other parties access to it in your e-Boks. This means that it will be easier for your future employer to authenticate your diploma.

Learn more about the possibilities you have with a digital diploma and how you handle it, both as a former student and an employer, on this website: http://www.au.dk/en/diploma/

Not all international students use e-Boks. Those who do will receive their diploma in e-Boks. Students who do not use e-Boks will receive their diploma in their AU-mailbox. Make sure your address details is registered correctly at mit.au.dk  

The diploma issued to you after finishing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme is the only origi­nal documentation of your completion of the programme. Therefore, it is your responsibility to contact the university immediately, if you do not receive your diploma within two months after the announce­ment of the result of your final exam. Likewise, you must contact the university, if you suspect any errors in your diploma. Please note, that the month of July is not included when calculating the two-month deadline.

The university can issue a new diploma, if you contact the studies administration at your main academic area within three months of the announcement of your final exam result. Again, the month of July is not included when calculating the deadline.