On the following pages about teaching, you can find the academic calendar and your course schedule, as well as information about course registration, study contracts, and much more. You can find it all in the menu.

Academic calendar

Teaching and examination periods 2020-21

Introduction for new students:  Wednesday 26 August - Friday 28 AugustWeek 35
1st semester:Monday 31 August - Saturday 12 DecemberWeek 36-50
Exam:Tuesday 15 December - Saturday 30 JanuaryWeek 51-4
Reexam:Tuesday 25 May - Saturday 5 Juneweek 21-22
Lecture-free:Monday 12 October - Saturday 17 OctoberWeek 42
2nd semester:Monday 1 February - Saturday 22 MayWeek 5-20
Exam:Tuesday 1 June - Wednesday 30 JuneWeek 22-26
Reexam:Monday 2 August - Saturday 28 AugustWeek 31-34
Lecture-free:Monday 29 March - Wednesday 31 MarchWeek 13
  • Teaching can take place outside the periods mentioned, e.g. field courses and courses planned as intensive programmes. The lecture-free periods are not holidays, but they are reserved for other course activities, e.g. field courses. Exams can be scheduled in weekends as well.

Teaching and examination periods at Nat and Tech 2021-22

Teaching and examination periods 2021-22

Introduction for new Bachelor's students – summer

Wednesday 25 August – Friday 27 August

Week 34

1st semester

Monday 30 August – Saturday 11 December

Week 35-49

Teaching, exercises and projects (only Bachelor of Engineering)

Monday 13 December – Wednesday 22 December

Week 50-51


Monday 20 December – Saturday 29 January

Week 51-4


- Science and MsC in Engineering

- Bachelor of Engineering


Monday 23 May – Saturday 11 June

Monday 23 May – Saturday 2 July


Week 21-23

week 21-26


Monday 18 October – Saturday 23 October

Week 42

Introduction for new Bachelor's students – winter

Wednesday 26 January – Friday 28 January

Week 4

2nd semester

Monday 31 January – Saturday 21 May

Week 5-20

Teaching, exercises and projects (only Bachelor of Engineering)

Monday 23 May – Friday 3 June

Week 21-22


Wednesday 1 June – Friday 1 July

Week 22-26


Monday 1 August – Saturday 27 August

Week 31-34


Monday 11 April - Wednesday 13 April

Week 15

Recording a class

As a student, you are not necessarily allowed to record your classes. This is because your teacher has authority over the teaching situation and is the owner of the lecture, so to speak, and it is therefore up to the individual teacher to decide if students are allowed to record their classes. Always ask your teacher for permission before you record a class.

If a teacher chooses to let students record their classes, the teacher must be careful not to treat students differently in an unfair way. This means that the teacher has to have a good reason to give particular students permission to record classes if others have been told no. However, it would be legal to give students with disabilities special permission to record classes, even if others are not allowed. This would not be unfair discrimination.

If you have recorded a class as a student, you are not allowed to share the recording with others, because of the rules about copyright and data protection. If you want to release a recording, you have to get the permission of both the teacher and all of the students in the recording