Bachelor's project

Submission of Bachelor's project in Digital Exam

You must submit your Bachelor's project in the Digital Exam system (for more information, go to 'Examination' > 'Digital Exam' in the menu).

Deadline for submission in Digital Exam

The Bachelor's project must be submitted no later than:

  • Winter exam: January 15 at 12.00 with assessment no later than January 31
  • Summer exam: June 15 at 12:00 with assessment no later than June 30

It is your own responsibility to submit your Bachelor's project in time. For this reason, we recommend that you upload and submit your Bachelor's project well in advance of the deadline. Bachelor's projects that are submitted too late will not be evaluated.

You can already now log on to Your exam will be available no later than one week before the deadline. You can find relevant information on Bachelor's projects under the exam information in Digital Exam.

Submission format

As a general rule, you must submit your Bachelor's project as a single PDF file. However, it is possible to enclose appendices in other formats, if necessary.

Legally valid submission

Please note, that the version of your Bachelor's project, which is submitted in Digital Exam, is the only legally valid version. It is therefore this version that is included in the overall assessment of the Bachelor's project.

In case of complaints, it will also only be the version in Digital Exam that is valid.

The student and the supervisor agree on the extent to which physical copies are made for co-examiner, co-supervisors etc.

Guidelines and support

You can find answers to any questions under 'Examination' > 'Digital Exam' in the menu.

Front page for the Bachelor's project

As a Bachelor's student, you are responsible for creating a front page for your Bachelor's project.
The front page must contain your name and student registration number, the name of your supervisor, and the date of submission. In addition, the Bachelor's project must be accompanied by a title in English, even though it already has a Danish title.