VPN - remote.au.dk


Manuals to AU-ACCESS (universal vpn)

Alle students can use AU-ACCESS. It is not necessary to contact IT-support to get access.

When you are connected to AU-ACCESS VPN you will have access to the same services as if you were on Eduroam on campus.


Please note: In order to be able to log on to VPN, your AU account must be connected to two-step authentication.

If your account is not connected to two-step authentication, you can find the two-step authentication setup guide below.

Please use au[AUID]@uni.au.dk - eg. au123456@uni.au.dk - as username.


Guidelines on setup of two-factor authentication

NB! Click here if you don't have a mobilephone.

1. Download and install the ‘Microsoft Authenticator’ app on your mobile. You should not open the app yet – merely install it. You will find the app at App Store or Google Play.

Microsoft Authenticator icon

2. Do no open the app yet. (Nothing happens if you do)

3. Log in to https://aka.ms/MFASetup.(On your computer)

4. You will see this message. Click on ‘Next’ to continue with setup. (On your computer)

4a. If not showing the correct @uni.au.dk user then click "Use different Account"

and enter your AU-ID or EXT-ID as shown below

5. Configure two-factor authentication: (On you computer)

  • Select Mobile App from the list
  • set the dot alongside ‘Receive notification of approval’.
  • Click the blue button labelled ‘Set up’.

6. Then open the ‘Microsoft Authenticator’ app. (On your mobile).

7. Add an account on the app, and select ‘Work or school account’. (On your mobile)

8. Keep your mobile in front of your computer screen so the app can capture the QR code. See example below. 

9. Click on ‘Next’

10. When you see the image below, you should click on ‘Approve’ in the ‘Microsoft Authenticator’ app on your mobile.

11. Select the country code and enter your mobile number.

12. Click ‘Next’.

13. Click  ‘Finished’ and close the window. You are now ready to use two-factor authentication.

You have now finished setting up two-factor authentication. Don't click anything else. Close the page.