On the following pages about teaching, you can find the academic calendar and your course schedule, as well as information about course registration, study contracts, and much more. You can find it all in the menu.

Teaching and examination periods

Teaching and examination periods at Nat and Tech 2021-22

Teaching and examination periods 2021-22

Introduction for new Bachelor's students – summer

Wednesday 25 August – Friday 27 August

Week 34

1st semester

Monday 30 August – Saturday 11 December

Week 35-49

Teaching, exercises and projects (only Bachelor of Engineering)

Monday 13 December – Wednesday 22 December

Week 50-51


(The exam schedule is published in the begnning of November)

Monday 20 December – Saturday 29 January

Week 51-4


- Science and MsC in Engineering

- Bachelor of Engineering (The exam schedule is published in the begnning of May)

Monday 23 May – Saturday 11 June

Monday 23 May – Saturday 2 July

Week 21-23

week 21-26


Monday 18 October – Saturday 23 October

Week 42

Introduction for new Bachelor's students – winter

Wednesday 26 January – Friday 28 January

Week 4

2nd semester

Monday 31 January – Saturday 21 May

Week 5-20

Teaching, exercises and projects (only Bachelor of Engineering)

Monday 23 May – Friday 3 June

Week 21-22


(The exam schedule is published in the middle of May)

Wednesday 1 June – Friday 1 July

Week 22-26


(The exam schedule is published in the middle of July)

Monday 1 August – Saturday 27 August

Week 31-34


Monday 11 April - Wednesday 13 April

Week 15

  • Teaching can take place outside the periods mentioned, e.g. field courses and courses planned as intensive programmes.
  • The lecture-free periods are not holidays, but they are reserved for other course activities, e.g. field courses.
  • Exams can be scheduled in weekends as well.

Important information about recording of classes

Recording classes

As a student, you may neither record classes nor share the teacher’s recordings of classes from a course forum in Brightspace or Panopto without consent from the teacher and your fellow students. This is due to rules about copyright and data protection.

If you record or share a recording of a class without consent, this will be regarded as a breach of the university's rules and regulations and a violation of the teachers’ copyrights. Breaches of the rules and regulations are handled in accordance with AU's disciplinary rules.

Special exceptions

As a student, if you wish to record teaching as part of the study assistant scheme or the dual career scheme, for classroom teaching, you can only do so with the teacher’s and your fellow students’ consent. This is for the sake of your fellow students.

 If you wish to record a lecture, you must notify your teacher at least one week before the lecture takes place. You do not require consent from your fellow students to record a lecture.

If you need to record a class as part of special educational support (SPS) and have, for example, been given a dictaphone on the grounds of a functional impairment, you can record a class without obtaining consent. However, you must notify the teacher at least one week before you wish to record the class.

For both classroom teaching and lectures, recordings covered by the above exceptions must avoid including fellow students’ personal data to the greatest extent possible, such as video images of fellow students or personal data on a white board or similar. The recording must be deleted as soon as it has been used for the purpose intended and no later than at the end of the semester. Recordings must never be shared with others. Sharing is regarded as a breach of the university's rules and regulations and a copyright infringement.


Please send any questions from your AU-mail to Studieservice.Nat-Tech@au.dk