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2016.11.22 | Opslag

New parking rules at Trøjborgvej, Tåsingegade and the Nobel Park

From 28 November 2016, new parking rules will be introduced for Trøjborgvej, Tåsingegade and the Nobel Park.

2016.11.21 | Students

University elections - your vote counts

Use your right to vote and influence who will become members of your board of studies, your academic council and the AU board. The deadline to vote is Thursday 24 November at 16:00.

2016.11.10 | Administrative conditions

More study spaces: Entire building set aside for the students

From the summer of 2017, all of building 1326 and 56 group room spaces in the neighbouring building will be refurbished for (and by) students - with group rooms, reading spaces and thesis study spaces on all floors. However, as of April 2017, students will have to do without the study spaces in building 1342. Read more here.