Types of examination and formal requirements

Guidelines for data collection

During your education you conduct a large number of studies, for instance via questionnaires or interviews. It is a crucial element in the education that you are able to gather your own data. However, it is also important to weigh the need to collect own data, and all studies obviously have to comply with existing rules and good research practice. You collect data on your own responsibility, and the follwing guidelines specify the university's guidelines for data collection in connection with your studies.

Scope of exams

From the autumn semester 2019 and onwards the method for specifying the scope of exam papers is changed. 

You must no longer state the number of words - in stead you must state the number of characters including blanks (one standard page corresponds to about 2,400 characters incl. blanks).

You will always be able to find the allowed maximum number of charcters in each individual course description in the course catalogue.

Anonymisation of exams

In May 2017 Aarhus BSS decided that all relevant exam must be anonymous. This decision includes take-home assignments where you have received individual guidance from the lecturer.

In the assignment header you must state the course title as well as the random flow ID number given automatically by Wiseflow. Please note that a new random flow ID number is assigned to you for each anonymised exam. 

No names or student registration numbers must be written in the assignments.

Special information regarding group exams
The rules on anonymisation also apply to group exams. In group exams, however, the contribution of each individual student must still be identifiable, and you must therefore provide an overview of who has written the individual sections. For this purpose you can either choose to write your student registration numbers, or you can find your individual random flow ID numbers and add them into the assignment.

The following exams are anonymous

BA level

  • Metode I
  • Metode på tilvalg
  • Politologisk introduktionskursus
  • Politologisk introduktionskursus på tilvalg
  • Videnskabsteori
  • Politisk teori
  • Mikroøkonomi (2. re-exam is oral and therefore not anonymous)
  • Sammenlignende statskundskab
  • Makroøkonomi (2. re-exam is oral and therefore not anonymous)
  • Politisk sociologi
  • Almen statskundskab
  • International politik
  • Politiske institutioner
  • Offentlig forvaltning
  • Bachelorseminarer

MA level

  • All seminars with written on-site exams
  • All seminars with 7-day take-home assignments
  • All seminars with take-home assignments