How to use network in a job-hunting process?

Do you want to improve your chances to get a job in Denmark after graduation? This workshop will give you practical tools on how you start and expand your network in Denmark to network your way through the job-hunting process.

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Tuesday 28 March 2023,  at 17:00 - 20:00


The Playground at The Kitchen, Universitetsbyen 14, Aarhus.


AU Career for International students

Through this workshop you will gain an understanding of why networking is important when searching for a job in Denmark. What should you do to get started? Where do you meet people? How do you start and expand your network? How do you approach and use your network in the job-hunting process?

By joining the workshop, you will:

  • Learn why it is important to have a broad, personal, and professional network

  • Practice your networking skills

  • Get input and methods on how you network in the most important networking channels

There will be free sandwich and beverage at the event.

The event is exclusively for full-degree international students. 

Sign up is necessary. 

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