Before you start

Introduction days

Your introduction (AU Introduction Days) at Aarhus University consists of several parts: One part is hosted by the International Centre (International Centre's intro days), one by the faculty (one for exchange and one for full degree) and then some departments or programmes also host an intro day.

The AU Intro Days is your chance to get to know your new city, university and the other students starting their student life together with you.

Departement intro days:

Student ID and key card

It is important that you get a personal student identity card at the very beginning af your studies at AU.

Your student identity card is your identification when you are on campus or need to document that you are enrolled at Aarhus University. The ID also functions as a keycard and gives you access to buildings outside normal hours.

Especially at exams it is important that you bring your identity card and you can also use it to get student discounts at museums, cinemas etc. 

It is only possible to get the card after you have been enrolled at AU and hence have been assigned a personal matriculation number. Enrolment of students is an ongoing process that starts after the application deadline.

Read here how to find your student registration number, how to get your student identity card, and who to contact in case of questions or problems.

Courses and study programme

The courses in our Master degree programmes are planned in cooperation with the Heads of degree programme, who is responsible for the specific degree programme. Therefore, you have to contact your Head of degree programme (who you find under 'Contact and Study Service ST' in the menu (in Danish only))

Your individual study programme (Master's contract) can be discussed and agreed upon at your arrival within the first week – but if you contact your Head of degree programme beforehand, you will be able to sign up for courses even before your arrival.

Before you contact the Head of degree programme, please look at our  Master's student guide to get an overview of your degree programme. Here you will find information about specialisations within each programme and which courses you can choose from.

You put together a programme consisting of compulsory courses, if applicable, and elective courses, so your give your Master’s degree the direction and academic profile you want.

Please look at our Course Catalogue to find relevant courses within your field and important information such as courses, teachers, ECTS-value, prerequisites, qualifications and more.

Master's contract

You must have an approved Master's contract before starting your degree programme.

If you have a Bachelor's degree from another university, you cannot complete the Master's contract until you have been admitted to your degree programme and have a log-in to the system.  

You fill in your Master's contract via the online contract generator

The Master’s contract can be amended on an ongoing basis subject to agreement with the Head of degree programme.

The degree overview in the self-service facility continues to show the courses you have passed and your examination registrations.

Course registration

You register for courses during the course registration periods (see below) via Here, you can also see which courses you are registered for. Read more about course registration under 'Teaching' > 'Course registration'

Registration periods:

Courses in the 1st semester (autumn): May 1-5

Courses in the 2nd semester (spring + summer courses): November 1-5

Course registration

Signing up for courses for the first semester
External applicants can sign up for courses during introduction day.

If you have finished your Bachelor's degree at Aarhus University, you can discuss your course registration during introduction day with the Head of Degree Programme.

Registration for courses in general
You sign up for courses during the course registration periods (May 1-5 / November 1-5) via the Student Self Service(STADS). Here, you can also always see which courses you are signed up for.

  • Read more about course registration under 'Teaching' > 'Course registration'

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions regarding starting your study, you can contact either your...

  • Student counsellor (who you find under 'Student Counselling' > 'Contact Student Counselling' in the menu),
  • or your Head of degree programme (who you find under 'Contact and Study Service' (in Danish only))