Action plan 2023

Below are some of the 26 planned activities included in the 2023 action plan for Aarhus University’s climate strategy. See all the activities here (in Danish).

  • Increase the university’s consumption of energy from sustainable sources by establishing solar cells on buildings where financially feasible, including a solar cell array at Herning Campus.
  • Compare energy consumption in the university’s buildings to identify potential reductions.
  • Develop the ventilation of the future in the university’s labs by developing an optimal mode of operation that takes occupational health and safety and running costs into account.
  • Introduce demand-controlled ventilation in buildings to reduce energy consumption.
  • Install more climate-friendly lighting.
  • Reduce the university’s water consumption.  
  • DGNB certify buildings,  with a special focus on climate.
  • Reduce the number of vehicles owned by the university by 30% in 2025 against 2018 baseline. 
  • Carry out tender for and begin implementation of waste collection, with increased waste sorting in common areas and maintenance of current high level of sorting of waste from labs and similar.
  • Reuse and upcycle furniture as well as more sustainable purchasing.
  • Reduce use of single-use tableware.