EU supports new degree programmes at Aarhus University

In fierce competition with universities from all over Europe, Aarhus University has secured support from the European Union for two international degree programmes in journalism and sustainable farming.

Students from all over the world have an opportunity to take a seat in the classrooms when Aarhus University offers two new Master’s degree programmes in collaboration with a group of other European universities.

The European Commission has just completed a call for proposals for the so-called Erasmus Mundus programmes, in which 177 applications from European universities were assessed by panels of academic experts. Only thirty of the applications were approved, and Aarhus University is responsible for two of the degree programmes that secured financial support based on positive statements from the experts.

Sustainable future

One of the degree programmes – Sustainable Animal Nutrition and Feeding – is concerned with how to ensure sustainable livestock production, and how to minimise resource consumption by means of optimal feeding of cattle, pigs and other domestic animals. Foodstuff consumption is increasing rapidly in line with the world’s population, which makes it necessary to ensure greater efficiency without losing focus on the environment and animal welfare. The basis for the new degree programme is Aarhus University’s strong and international animal science environment.

Global media degree programme

The second of the two Erasmus Mundus programmes – Journalism, Media and Globalisation – is coordinated in collaboration between Aarhus University and the Danish School of Media and Journalism. The programme will train journalists of the future to work in a global context, where technological development in particular creates new opportunities and challenges for communication. This degree programme has also previously been offered by Aarhus University and the Danish School of Media and Journalism.

Collaboration including Berkeley and Wageningen

Students from all over the world are admitted to the two-year Erasmus Mundus programmes, and they attend a number of European universities during their studies. The degree programme in sustainable livestock production is offered from Wageningen in the Netherlands and includes universities in France and Hungary, in addition to Aarhus University. The Master’s degree programme in journalism is held in collaboration with the top American university in Berkeley, as well as universities in Australia, Chile, the Netherlands, Germany and the UK. The idea is to create global expertise and networks for both students and the participating universities.

For more information, please contact

  • Head of Press Affairs Anders Correll, Aarhus University: +45 2899 2235
  • Journalism, Media and Globalisation: Hans Henrik Holm, Danish School of Media and Journalism: +45 4020 0440
  • Sustainable Animal Nutrition and Feeding: Jakob Sehested, Aarhus University: +45 2515 9050