SSWTT - Sommerskole Wind Power


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The objective of the course is to give the participants experience with applying the established engineering knowledge to specific wind turbine problems. In relation to this, the participants will learn about analysing advantages, problems and principles in power obtained from wind energy. They will be able to understand wind as an energy source and a dynamic load source for the wind turbine, understand how power and load are transferred through the construction and understand how the individual components interact.

The summer school is carried out in close cooperation with industrial partners who, along with university staff members, contribute with theoretical lectures and input to the case exercise.



11 August - 23 August 


Bachelor's level - 5 ECTS

EXAM DATE 23 August 2024
EXAM FORM 1 hour written exam
VENUE Videbæk

Please note: This course is taking place off-campus in Videbæk. 
Accomodation and meals for the duration of the course is included in the course fee.
Social activities will also be arranged during the course.

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