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If you want to apply for additional monthly SU grant portions due to illness, the following must be submitted to the Danish Students’ Grants and Loans Scheme Office at Aarhus University:

  1. Application via minSU. The receipt page (“Tillæg af klip – Kvitteringsside”) must be forwarded to the Danish Students’ Grants and Loans Scheme Office together with:
  2. Certificate from a doctor or psychiatrist which states the period of illness as precisely as possible and also that, due to the illness, you have been unable to pursue your studies or significantly prevented from doing so. See the guidelines on issuing a medical certificate here.
  3. Your own – concise – account of your illness which describes in more detail how it has affected your studies. Moreover, you are asked to state which exams you have had to postpone as well as their ECTS value. (If you have been delayed in writing your thesis, you must also enclose documentation stating when the thesis must be submitted, for example in the form of a thesis contract.)

Please note that a declaration from a psychologist is not sufficient documentation and must always be supplemented with a medical certificate; see above, item 2.

It usually takes eight to ten weeks for your application to be processed.

The above may be subject to changes and any further documentation which may be obtained.

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