Digital Eksamen

Before the exam

Changes for exam with ITX Flex summer 2023

For the summer exam 2023, exam with ITX Flex will function as follows:

The program is only used for monitoring your computer.

It is your own responsibility to choose a place on your computer where you save your exam paper at regular intervals during the exam. Download your exam assignment from Digital Exam.

How to log on to the Digital Exam platform

You can log on to the Digital Exam platform at by choosing “Student” followed by logging in using either WAYF or MitID.
You must use two-step authentication when logging into the system using WAYF.
If your AU-account is not set up for two-step authentication, you can find a guide on how to do so here.

Should you encounter any problems when logging on to the Digital Exam platform or when setting up the two-step authentication, please contact your local IT support.

You will need your phone regardless of which login option you make use of (both WAYF and MitID).

Guide to Digital Exams for students

See the guide to the Digital Exams system for students

Use of mobile phones during a written exam

You are allowed to bring your phone to your written exams.

You will need to use your phone to access Digital Eksamen with WAYF via two-step verification or Nem ID. Once you have logged in, turn off your phone and place it in a closed bag.

If you need to use your phone during the exam, please contact a member of the invigilator team. You are only allowed to use your phone during your written exam if you need to log into Digital Exam again.

When will my exam start?

When your exam is ready in the Digital Exam system, you will receive a notification mail in your inbox, and you will be able to log on to the system to find out when the exam starts. 

ITX Flex

When you take a digital written on-site exam, it may be mandatory for you to install and run the ITX Flex program on your computer during the entire exam. ITX Flex is a program for monitoring your computer during the exam. If use of ITX Flex is mandatory, it is your own responsibility to make sure the program remains running on your computer during the entire exam.

See the guide to taking on-site written exams using ITX Flex.

Especially for Mac users:

Remember to enable monitoring on your Mac. See guide here

ITX Flex demoexam

Flex via a demoexam before the actual exam.

Download ITX Flex

To access the demoexam you have to use:

  • Personal code for the demoexam: E00000
  • Pincode for the demoexam: 00000

For the demoexam the following applies:

  • The demoexam starts after 2 minutes and lasts 10 minutes.
  • You can test that ITX Flex is visible as a red square surrounding the edges of your screen and thereby, that everything is working accordingly.
  • ITX Flex will record while running the demoexam, but no data will be saved.
  • You cannot test the actual hand-in, as this is to be done through
  • Notice! This version of the demo exam is outdated. In the demo exam, you can access a working library for your set of exam questions and your own exam paper. In a real exam, this is not possible, as ITX Flex will henceforth only be used for monitoring your computer. During a real exam, you download your set of exam questions in Digital Exam instead of in ITX Flex, and you choose a place on your computer where you continuously save your exam paper outside of ITX Flex.

System requirements

Minimum computer requirements

To guarantee that ITX Flex is working properly you need to have a supported version of your operation system. Stay informed here:


Additional requirements for running the ITX Flex program

  • You must have internet access, and you must make sure that ITX Flex has access to the internet/ITX Backend.
  • You must have at least 2GB of free disk space.
  • You must make sure that the program can write to the folder it is installed in.
  • Mac users must remember to allow ITX-Flex to monitor their screen on their Mac computer

How do I know if my computer meets the requirements?

When you start ITX Flex, the programme will perform a health check of your computer. If the computer meets the requirements, you will see three green ticks:

Et billede, der indeholder tekst Automatisk genereret beskrivelse

  • Notice that there is a difference between Windows and Mac.
  • Especially for Mac users:
  • Remember to enable monitoring on your Mac. See guide here

During the exam

What is the deadline for submitting the exam?

The deadline for your exam can be found on the list of exams you are registered for. You must submit your paper before the deadline set for your exam in order for your exam paper to be accepted.

This means that it is important for you to submit your paper in good time so that you have time to deal with any unforeseen problems before the deadline.

How do you submit a group exam paper?

See here for more information about group exam papers

How do I hand in large files?

See the guide on how to hand in large files

How do I know if ITX Flex is recording?

ITX Flex will be visible, as a red square around the edges of your screen, when the program is recording.

After the exam

How can I make sure that my exam paper has been submitted correctly?

You will receive an email receipt stating that your exam paper has been submitted on time. You will also be able to see a receipt after you click ‘deliver’. You can print out the receipt if you like.

Can I see my exam paper after I have submitted it?

Yes. After you have submitted your exam pape and the deadline for submissions has passed, you will be able to see what you have submitted on your receipt page.

What has ITX Flex recorded?

You have the option of accessing the data that ITX Flex recorded during your exam. The exam information, accessed from the Digital Exams systems, shows you when your exam log will be available and you can access the log from the confirmation of exam submission.