At AU we are committed to promoting sustainable development through our research, degree programmes and operations

Firing up for vegetarian dishes at meetings and conferences

AU’s cafeterias are developing more and more vegetarian dishes, and this greener food is gradually finding its way onto people’s plates at AU’s meetings and conferences. Vegetarian catering is one of 34 new initiatives that aim to help create a greener university. Read more about the new initiatives.

AU Garden 

At the intersection of Nordre Ringgade and Trøjborgvej you will find the AU Garden where there’s room for gardening, socialising, and encouraging biodiversity. A project group of students and employees who are passionate about plants and biodiversity is behind the project. Would you like to join? Find out more.

AU’s green transition Meet AU’s Green Team. Learn about some of the green initiatives that are being launched and that students and staff will experience across the university. And learn more about AU’s Green Network for students and staff.

AU to head work on circular procurement

How can businesses and organisations generate more climate-friendly procurement? Aarhus University will help to answer this question when a working group headed by the university roll up their sleeves as part of a new climate alliance in Aarhus.

Green News in your mailbox?

If you would like to receive information about green events, news and similar in your mailbox, please send an email to with the topic "Yes, thank you to emails".

Contact information

If you have any questions please send an email to or contact AU's Green Team.

Sustainability network

Aarhus University have established a network (#AUGreen) for students and employees at the university. Read more and join the network.