Delay and inactivity



There are many reasons for why you might not be able complete your studies within the prescribed period of study. You might have been ill, failed an exam, been on maternity or paternity leave, etc.

It can be difficult to find out how to plan and structure the rest of your study programme once you’ve been delayed. That’s why the student counsellors are ready to help you make a plan for when to take which courses and for how to live up to the active enrolment requirements prescribed by the SU grant scheme, etc.

Guidance interviews offered by AU

The university is obliged to offer special counselling services to students who are at risk of interrupting their study programme due to delays in their studies. If you are more than six months delayed in your studies, you are entitled to special counselling aiming to help you complete your study programme. If you are more than 12 months delayed and there is a risk that your programme will be interrupted, you will be offered special counselling in the form of an individual guidance interview.

Studieinaktivitet - nye regler pr. 1. september 2015

Fra 1. september 2015 har Aarhus BSS indført nye regler for vejledning og kontrol af inaktivitet.

Kort fortalt er der følgende regler for inaktivitet på baggrund af:

  • manglende deltagelse i eksamen (dvs. ingen deltagelse i prøver): udmeldelse efter 1 år
  • dumpede prøver (dvs. ingen beståede prøver): udmeldelse efter 2 år

Som studerende er du dermed underlagt krav om, at du deltager i eksamenerne inden for en 1 årig periode. Dvs. at hvis du udebliver for alle eksamener i en 1 årig periode, vil du blive udmeldt af dit studium.

Ligeledes er du som studerende underlagt et krav om, at være studieaktiv. At være studieaktiv betyder, at du skal have bestået en eksamen. Det er ikke nok at have deltaget i undervisningen eller have brugt et eksamensforsøg.

Består du ikke en eksamen i en sammenhængende periode på 24 måneder (4 semestre), er du ikke længere studieaktiv, og du udmeldes fra din uddannelse.

Det betyder, at du skal have bestået en eksamen for hver 24 måneder der går. Den ordinære eksamensperiode på 4. inaktive semester er således din sidste mulighed for at opfylde kravet om studieaktivitet.

OBS: du skal også altid overholde reglen om maksimal studietid for din uddannelse. Se i din studieordning for yderligere information om maksimal studietid.

En eksamen bestået på et andet universitet, eventuelt i udlandet, tæller med i din studieaktivitet, når du får den meritoverført. Bemærk, at meritoverførte prøver i forbindelse med skift af studieordning dog ikke tæller med i din studieaktivitet.

Transitional rules

You will not be withdrawn under the new rules as of 1 September 2015, but you will receive warnings according to the new rules.

This means that:

  • a student facing withdrawal is, as of October 2015, equal to a student who has not passed an exam for three years
  • a student who has not taken any exams in this year’s summer exam will receive a first warning as of October 2015 with a view to being withdrawn in March 2016.

From March 2016, the new rules will be fully rolled out and will include both warnings, notices and withdrawals.