RULE: Antivirus

All computers belonging to Aarhus University must have an antivirus program installed. If you are an employee, and you have been given a computer, an antivirus program will already have been installed on the computer.

  • Do not turn off the antivirus program.

If you need to temporarily turn off the antivirus program, please contact your local IT support team, who will guide you through the process securely.

RULE: If you use devices provides by AU

Aarhus University makes different types of digital devices available for work-related use, including devices running operating systems, programs and apps. Devices include telephones, tablets, and computers.

  • Always make sure that your devices are fully updated.
  • Devices provided by AU will often have an activated automatic update functionality, but if this is not available on your device, you will have to do the update yourself. On phones and tablets, for example, you can usually just approve installation of updates. In many other cases, for example in Linux operating systems and programs you have installed yourself, you have a duty to regularly look for updates.

RULE: If you use private devices at AU

  • Private devices used for work at Aarhus University must be kept up-to-date, so that they do not compromise the university's security. This applies to computers, phones, tablets and any other devices.

RULE: Return your material and devices

Computers, telephones, software, key cards, documents and other material provided or financed by Aarhus University belong to the university.

  • When your formal affiliation with AU stops, you must return any items provided by AU, unless these are covered by a special agreement.

RULE: If you lose a device or equipment provided by AU

Aarhus University supplies devices and equipment for work purposes.

  • If you are so unfortunate as to lose your IT equipment, you have a duty to report the loss to the university.

RULE: Licences

All software programs require a licence with terms for how they can be used.

  • You must comply with these licences. This also applies to programs that you install yourself.

Many of AU's IT systems are licensed solely for AU's own use. If a system is to be used by external parties, additional licences usually need to be purchased.

  • As a general rule, you may only use such a licence for work-related activities.
  • When you leave your position at AU, you have a duty to delete all software licensed through Aarhus University.

If you are unsure about whether you are allowed to use a specific program, please contact your local IT support team.

IT support - students

IT support - staff

TIP: Antivirus for your private devices, including students

Students or employees who use their private devices should make sure they have installed an antivirus program.

AU recommends Windows Defender. You can also find alternative antivirus programs at

TIP: Think before you download

You are allowed to download files and programs for work purposes, and to a reasonable extent for private use – also on devices provided by AU.

Viruses may be hidden in programs that you download.

  • Be careful about which files and programs you download. And whether you trust the website you download from.

If you are unsure about downloads, please contact your local IT-support

TIP: How to keep your mobile devices updated

System and security updates for phones and tablets are often automatic, but sometimes it is necessary to do an update yourself. You will receive a notification on your device when you need to update it. The notification differs slightly depending on whether you have an Apple or an Android device.

Apple devices:

  • Open the ‘Settings’ app, then go to ‘General’ and then ‘Software Update’. You will be able to install the latest update here.

Android devices:

  • Open the ‘Settings’ app, then go to ‘System’ and then ‘System Update’. You will be able to install the latest update here.

TIP: If you lose your AU equipment

See this guide on stolen or lost equipment.