ARTSrådet (the Arts Council)

ARTSrådet is the Students' council at the faculty of ARTS. We work to solve issues related to student politics, to meet academic and social challenges and challenges related to the study environment, and to protect the rights and general well-being of students at the faculty.
We consider issues of relevance to Arts students at Aarhus University before, during and after their studies. We are the collective student council of the approx. 17 local student councils currently active at Arts.

On this page, you can read more about what we do, who we are, and what we believe. Among other things, you can read about our Artsråd Meetings, the executive comittee, and the local councils at Arts. Should you have any questions, suggestions for new focus areas, etc., please reach out. Use us as your representatives during your studies.

We are an organisation run by volunteers, and we are always looking for new members, so do let us know, if you are interested to know more!

Where does ARTSrådet have their influence?

ARTSrådet is often in contact with the local student councils at our faculty, and we regularly speak with the Boards of studies and the degree programme committees at the faculty. Additionally, we have a representative in the School and centre forum for School of Communication and Culture.

Furthermore, we represent our fellow students of Arts in meetings with a variety of Guidance and Counselling bodies, as well as in the Student Council of Aarhus University. We also facilitate dialogue and discussion between the local councils and the necessary coordinators.

Lastly, vi elect representatives for the following committees:

  • The Academic Council of Arts
  • The Committees under nthe Student Council of Aarhus Univeristy: AUPUS, LUPUS, SUUS, CUUL and IC
  • The Library Committee

Among other important topics, ARTSrådet, in particular, discuss educational politics, study environment and student welfare. As a student at Arts and as a student council, ARTSrådet is a tool to make your voice heard at the faculty, and a way of reaching your fellow students to discuss experience of being a student at Aarhus University.

The Student Council's Fund

The Student Council's Fund is an opportunity for the local student councils to apply for funding for academic and social events. The guide lines for the the Student Council's Fund are available below (albeit only in Danish so far).

* Should your programme not have a student council, the funds are still available to apply for. See the guide lines for further details.

NB: The guide lines for the Student Council's Fund is being revised, but all applications sent before the 1st of July will be considered in accordance with the 2019 version.

Upcoming Activities

ARTSrådet in the upcoming semester

In ARTSrådet, we are excited for a semester of collaberation and conversation with the students of the local councils and unions in the upcoming semester and will be available. Our Artsråd meetings are open to the council representatives at ARTS. There will be dinner, important talks and a good time to be had!

Keep up with our events on our Facebook page.

Artsråd meetings

Approx. three times a semester, ARTSrådet hosts Artsråd Meetings. Here, the student council representatives decide on ARTSrådets political agenda. Additionally, we occasionally set up workshops and talks on how to get your counsil to run the best, how to work the best in the board of studies and how to best treat volunteers - among other topics. ARTSrådet always offer dinner at our meetings!

NB: the meeting minutes are updated on our facebook page on the individual event pages. If you don't have access to Facebook but still want to recieve the minutes, please write us.

P.S.: Artsrådet regularly posts relevant dokuments on the Councils page, so be sure to check in occasionally.