• It is the responsibility of the degree programme committee to ensure that there is broad representation and inclusion of students and teaching/research staff from the academic environments in relation to the board of studies and the director of studies. The degree programme committee also functions as the primary and subject-specific framework for teaching and education for both students and teaching staff on all the courses and degree programmes that it covers.

    The responsibilities of the degree programme committee include:

    • Developing and ensuring the quality of existing degree programmes, teaching and forms of instruction
    • Collaborating with the teaching staff of the programmes covered by the degree programme committee in matters of teaching, evaluations (including any academic follow-up) and changes to courses and degree programmes
    • Ensuring quality and innovation in relation to the academic integration of students, study activity and study environments through close contact between students, teaching staff and academic environments
    • Discussing academic recommendations for the management and the boards of studies

    Students are very welcome to contact their degree programme committee about teaching, courses and study environments, as well as any new initiatives relating to these matters. A request for students in particular: You are strongly encouraged to use your degree programme committee representatives. Your opinion matters.

    However, please note that degree programme committees are not directly involved in exams, registration for exams, exemptions or credits. All enquiries regarding such matters should be sent to Study Centre Arts.

    The board of studies for the Department of Communication and Culture has set up a number of degree programme committees