Timetables Arts


From spring 2021, we will be using a new system for digital display of timetables.

Here you only need to sign in once (with your Microsoft-login) to access:

  • your personal schedule incl. any room bookings (what you also see on mitstudie.au.dk).
  • activities in specific premises.
  • timetables for specific courses and/or fields of study.

You will find the system here: MyTimeTable

You can find more information and guidance here

The timetables show you where and when your classes are held. The timetables are prepared prior to the start of each semester and will be available on 20 December and 1 July, respectively. 

Be sure to check your timetable regularly. Changes to the timetables may occur during the semester, and you should note that the classes will not necessarily be held at the same time and the same place every week.

If you are unsure about which courses to follow in the coming semester, please consult the academic regulations for your degree programme.

Information about relevant literature and the content of each session will be found on your course site in the E-learning system: BlackBoard.  

Problems with your timetable?

If you experience problems with your timetable, please contact team2.uvaeka.arts@au.dk