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2015.08.28 | Students

Learn Danish with us!

Get free lessons at Lærdansk Herning.

2015.08.24 | Students

Canteen in Herning - Welcome to Grab'N Go

We would like to present you a brand new food concept in Denmark. A new "Self Service Food Concept" has landed and it´s designed to make things easier without compromising quality and taste - We call it Brainfood.

2015.08.24 | Students

Microsoft Office 365 for all students free of charge

Aarhus University has entered into an agreement with Microsoft which gives all students at Aarhus University access to Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote etc.).

2015.08.22 | Students

AV equipment in lecture theatres will be upgraded and classes will be relocated

This autumn, the AV equipment in 29 lecture theatres will be upgraded. Stay updated through the timetables

2015.08.21 | Students

A variety of IT systems and IT services will be unavailable on 5–6 September

From Saturday 5 September at 6 pm till Sunday 6 September at 2 pm, a variety of IT systems and IT services will be maintained and optimised and it is necessary to put them out of operation shortly. As a rule, you cannot carry out work where you need the university’s IT in this time span.