Before you start

Introduction Day at your programme

On August 23rd 2024 you are invited to the Introduction Day for all new Master's degree Students in Engineering.

The Introduction day is held at Aarhus University Campus.
Sign up to participate here (sign up possible from June)

You can find your Introduction Day-programme with specific location and activites below (programmes available in June):

Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering

Civil and architectural Engineering

Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

At the Introduction Day your student counsellor will introduce you to the most important digital platforms, your new study environment and arrange a social event, for you to meet the other students at your programme. 
The head of degree programme will also introduce you to your new programme and offer a final look at your Master's Contract. 
We look forward to seeing and welcoming you to your new study.

Introduction Day for international Full Degree Students at the International Centre

If you are an international, Full Degree student, please notice that the International Centre at Aarhus University also organises two Introduction Days for you.

Find the intro programme from the International Centre here 

Master's contract

It is mandatory to complete a Master's Contract before you begin your studies at AU. The Master's Contract provides an overview of your entire 120 ECTS degree programme.

The programme will consist of compulsory courses and any electives you choose to give your Master’s degree the direction and profile you want.

Prior to semester start you will receive an email with further instructions on how to complete the Master’s Contract. You should expect to complete your Master’s Contract around 3 weeks before classes begin.
You can also watch a video guide here.

You fill in your Master's Contract via the online contract generator.

The Master’s Contract can be amended on an ongoing basis subject to agreement with the Head of degree programme.


Course registration - 1st semester

Prior to semester start you will receive an email with instructions on how to register for courses. You should expect to complete your registration for 1st semester courses around 1 week before classes begin.  You will register online at

Head of degree programme

For each graduate engineering degree programme, a lecturer has been appointed Head of degree programme. He or she has the academic responsibility for the degree programme.

You can contact your Head of degree programme if you need guidance about the academic content of your degree programme, your course combination, options for study periods abroad, etc.

Find your Head of degree programme under 'Contact and Study Service' > 'Heads of degree programme and Education Committees'

Student ID and key card

It is important that you get a personal student identity card at the very beginning af your studies at AU.

Your student identity card is your identification when you are on campus or need to document that you are enrolled at Aarhus University. The ID also functions as a keycard and gives you access to buildings outside normal hours.

Especially at exams it is important that you bring your identity card and you can also use it to get student discounts at museums, cinemas etc. 

It is only possible to get the card after you have been enrolled at AU and hence have been assigned a personal matriculation number. Enrolment of students is an ongoing process that starts after the application deadline.

Read here how to find your student registration number, how to get your student identity card, and who to contact in case of questions or problems.

Books and lists of books

At Stakbogladen you can find lists of books for many of your courses and buy the books. 

If your course is not on the list, you can find information on literature in the Course Catalogue. Look up the specific course.

For further information about books, please contact your Head of degree programme.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions regaring starting your study, you can contact either your...

  • Student Counsellor (who you find under 'Student Counselling' > 'Contact Student Counselling' in the menu),
  • or your Head of Degree Programme (who you find under 'Contact and Study Service' > 'Heads of Degree Programme and Education Committees')
Video guide: Master contract This video show you how to fill out your master contract