Study spaces for Master’s thesis students


In the spring semester, a number of study spaces are available for Master’s thesis students enrolled at the Department of Management.

The work spaces are offered to B2B, IB, IM, INNO, ITKO, Oecon (with MGMT supervisor), MAC, MACC, MAR and SOL students who are writing their Master’s thesis.

If you are interested in a study space, please fill in this application form and send it to

Please note the following:

  • If you have a thesis co-writer, it is a requirement that you do not disturb the other students in the room – it is not a meeting room. Otherwise, your right to use the study space will be revoked.
  • The students who are given a study space have a shared responsibility of keeping the room tidy. If this requirement is not met, your right to use the study space will be revoked.
  • The study spaces are available in the spring semester from 1 February to 1 June.
  • If you are not writing your Master’s thesis in the semester in question, you are not eligible for a study space. 

Spring (01.02 – 01.06)

  • Application deadline: 1 November - 1 December 
  • Application answer: 15 December 

Please send your application to