R&D project

Research and Development project (R&D project)

The R&D project is an independent, research-based work. The project has a scope of 5-20 ECTS and is at master level. The project can either be carried out in a research group at the university or in collaboration with an industrial partner. In both cases, you need a supervisor who is permanently employed at Aarhus University. If you want to carry out the project in the industry, you need to talk to a supervisor at AU about your opportunities to carry out the project in collaboration with a company.

Before the formal start date of the R&D project, make sure you have ...

  • Updated your master contract in the contract generator
  • Prepared a project contract containing information on title, problem formulation, supervisor, supervision plan etc. The contract is prepared by you and your future supervisor and must be approved by you, your supervisor and your education manager via the contract generator. Fill in here. The project contract deadline will be 1.5 months (July excluded) before project start-up.

It is a good idea to start early on by considering possible directions for the project, searching for possible main and co-supervisors and finding out whether the project should be business oriented in collaboration with a company. In clarifying the direction for your project, you can seek inspiration in courses that you find exciting, talk to your teachers or the Head of degree programme.