Formal requirements

You will find the full description of rules and formal requirements for your Master's thesis here:

For more information, please consult the guide in the course descriptions of the relevant course.

You must submit written assignments via WISEflow (digital exams system). Find more information about submitting assignments here.

Standard pages and characters
A standard page is defined as 2,400 characters, including spaces.

The following are NOT included in a standard page:

  • Title page
  • Table of contents
  • Bibliography/list of references
  • Appendix

An abstract is always in English only; this applies to assignments in Danish as well. The abstract is part of the total character count and should not exceed one page.

Tables, figures, graphs and similar
Tables and figures (including their headlines and captions) each count as 800 characters – regardless of size/length. Equations count towards the total character count.

It is the responsibility of the student to include all characters in tables, figures and equations in the character count; even if these are inserted as images (and therefore not automatically counted in Word).

The total character count must be stated on the front page of the assignment.

Front page
The front page must contain the following information:

  • Title (in Danish and English)
  • Name of author
  • Name of supervisor
  • Department
  • Submission deadline (date)
  • Total character count
  • Permission to publish assignment: yes/no