Formal requirements

Please go to the course description in the course catalogue, the examination order (in Danish), or the relevant academic regulations for a full description of the formal requirements pertaining to the master's thesis.

A standard page (normalside) = 2400 keystrokes including spaces.

The following parts of the thesis are NOT parts of a standard page:

  • Title page
  • Table of contents
  • Bibliography/References
  • Appendix

Calculation of keystrokes in relation to assignments with tables, table notes and figure notes:A normal page amounts to 2400 key strokes including spaces. The maximum number of pages is denoted X (e.g. max 20 pages). Thus, the maximum number of keystrokes amounts to X*2400 including spaces. Equations, tables, figures, table notes, and figure notes count towards the number of pages; the space taken up by these items in total is denoted Y (e.g. 2.5 pages). Thus, X-Y normal pages are available for regular text, i.e. the remaining available key strokes amount to (X-Y)*2400 including spaces.

The frontpages should state:

  • Title (in Danish and English)
  • Name of Author(s)
  • Supervisor/specialist teacher
  • Department
  • Hand-in date

Written assignments are handed in via the digital exam system, WISEflow. More guidelines - click here.