Administrative registration:

If you are a master’s degree student following the prescribed study programme, you will automatically be registered for your master’s thesis at the fourth semester of your degree programme. However, you are responsible for checking, that your registration is correct.

The registration takes place at this point in time, as this gives you the possibility to carry through three exam attempts in your master’s thesis within your maximum duration of studies.

If your maximum duration of studies is extended or shortened, your (automatic) registration will depend on your maximum duration of studies.

Registration of topic

You must also send in the master's thesis contract. You must do so by filling in a registration form, which will be linked to on this page, when it opens. You will receive a receipt for your registration via email, when the registration has been submitted correctly. REMEMBER to use your AU mail!

Deadlines for filling in the registration form is at noon on 1 December and 1 June, respectively.

Please note that at least one written assignment on the Master’s degree programme must be submitted as an individual assignment. In this context, the Master’s Thesis, Topics and project course assignments count as written assignments. Please refer to your academic regulations for further information.