Temporary master's enrollment

To be considered for admission to a Master’s programme, you must have completed a relevant Bachelor’s programme or other corresponding Danish or international education.

If you have not yet completed your qualifying programme when you apply for admission to the Master’s programme, you may request an exemption allowing you concurrent enrolment in both the qualifying Bachelor’s programme and the Master’s programme.

Exemption for such temporary concurrent enrolment will be granted only on the condition that special circumstances apply, and only if the Director of Studies finds that you possess the academic qualifications that are required to complete the Bachelor’s programme while also completing courses in the Master’s programme. 

You can register for participation in courses and examinations for up to 30 ECTS credits in the Master’s programme. You cannot be enrolled in the Master’s programme before you have completed and passed all examinations of the Bachelor’s programme.

This also means that you are not eligible to receive educational support (SU) from the Danish Education Support Agency for the Master’s programme before you hold your Bachelor’s degree. Even if you are temporarily enrolled in both the Bachelor’s and the Master’s programme, you are entitled to receive only the state support which has been allocated for your Bachelor’s programme, i.e. 36+12 monthly grants and loans (or ‘vouchers’) in total, while completing your Bachelor’s degree programme.

Particulars for students enrolled in subsidiary subject programme

If you are enrolled in a degree programme including a subsidiary subject, you must apply to the Director of Studies of your main degree programme for an exemption allowing temporary enrolment. This applies even if you wish to complete only courses relating to your subsidiary subject during your temporary enrolment.