Guest students (credit module)

Enrolment as a guest student

Guest students are students who are enrolled in a higher education programme at a Danish higher educational institution and as a part of this education wish to follow single subject courses and take an exam within the study programmes at Aarhus BSS in one or more semesters.

A credit module is not a course you take in addition to your degree programme. If you would like to take modules in addition to your degree programme, please read more here: Single-subject Daytime Courses.

As a guest student you have the possibility to be signed up for courses and exams within the study programmes at Aarhus BSS where the following provisions have to be fulfilled:

  • You have to be enrolled in a higher education programme.
  • You have to transfer your exam from Aarhus BSS into your own study programme at your home institution, i.e. you have to receive credit for the course.

You apply for preliminary approval through the study board at your home institution. It is a good idea to apply in good time. If it is possible to have more courses approved than you need, it will be an advantage. You can make a priority list and we can then move down your list of courses, in case one of your first priorities is full. If you do not have more courses approved than you need, you will have to re-apply for a new approval of credit transfer after you have received a letter from us saying that one of your courses was full. It can be hard for you to get a new approval before it is too late to sign you into courses.

The conditions for admission

All applications for admission are considered individually and the admission requirements depend on which courses you apply for, but in general the following criteria must be met:

Admission at master's level requires that you have passed your bachelor's degree equaling 180 ECTS.

Admission at bachelor's level can have a minimum grade point average requirement from your upper secondary exam. Please make sure that you fulfill the specific admission requirements at before you apply, e.g.:

  • Bachelor courses at the study programme Business Administration requires mathematics at the Danish B-level
  • Some bachelor courses at the business language and communication programme can require a specific level in languages.

You have to get full credit transfer for the courses at your own institution.

To be admitted there has to be available seats on the course you apply for.

Please notice

  • If we have full admission, and thus no free seats on the first year, it is not possible to apply for courses in the first and second semester of our undergraduate programmes.
  • We cannot guarantee that all courses will be established.
  • A course can be cancelled even before the registration deadline.
  • We cannot guarantee that class schedules do not collide.
  • The courses that you have applied for may have either recommended or mandatory prerequisites. These are described in the course description in the course catalogue. It is your own responsibility to make sure you fulfill these prerequisites, and you are therefore not allowed to delay the teaching on the basis of any lacking knowledge entailed in these.


The registration deadline is 14 days before the semester commences.

The Bachelor’s and Master's degree courses, offered for visiting student, can be found in the course catalogue. Please note that some subjects can be filled with the programmes’ own students. It is therefore advisable to contact the Student Counselling Office for information before you start looking for courses.

Remember to attach the following documentation to your application:

  • Pre-approved credit transfer documentation from your board of study
  • Diploma for your upper secondary education. Please note that it must comply with the minimum admission requirements.
  • For applicants who are not enrolled at Aarhus University, documentation of current educational attainment (evidence confirmed transcript, etc. ).

You can expect to receive an answer to your application in mid-January/August.

You apply by filling out this application form 

Please send the application form to

Fees for students from outside EU-EEA

Students from outside EU-EEA who are enrolled in a higher education at a Danish University and pay tuition at their home university, do not have to pay for their studies at Aarhus BSS if they enroll as a guest student.

Students from outside EU-EEA who are enrolled in a higher education at a non-Danish University and pay tuition at their home university, have to pay for their studies at Aarhus BSS if they enroll as a guest student.

The price includes participation in lectures and/or lessons and two consecutive exam attempts in the ordinary and re-exam period respectively.

For a student outside EU-EEA the fee for a single subject course is Euro 140 per ECTS-point for bachelor courses and Euro 170 per ECTS-point for master courses.

Please notice that prices for courses at Summer University are different.

As a student studying part time please notice that you cannot get a residence permit to Denmark