Exams will be conducted on 17 January 2024

We expect to conduct the scheduled exams tomorrow, Wednesday 17 January 2024.

Dear students,

Aarhus University expects to conduct the scheduled exams tomorrow, Wednesday 17th January, 2024. As you may have seen, the East Jutland Police advise against all unnecessary driving until 10:00 AM tomorrow morning.

"Unnecessary driving is not recommended" is a milder notice than "all driving is not recommended", and we therefore conduct exams as planned. However, we encourage you to set aside extra time to transport yourself to the exam venue.

There is, of course, a risk that the police will upgrade their warning during the night. We will keep an eye on the police's recommendations, and should we have to cancel exams, we will inform you via the study portal and Brightspace no later than 7:30 AM tomorrow. 

If there are any changes regarding the oral exams, your department will inform you directly.

Best regards,

Aarhus BSS Studies