Exam registration and withdrawal

You will automatically be registered for the ordinary exam in all courses for which you have been registered.

Registering for re-exams

If you need to register for the re-exam, please contact Tina Aronro and kandidat.bss@au.dk before the following deadlines:

  • Winter 2022: Deadline for registration: 7 February (the student self service facility will not be available from 5-6 February due to system maintenance)
  • February 6 for winter exams
  • July 8 for summer exams

Withdrawing from exams

You can deregister from an exam until 14 days before the date of the exam by contacting Tina Aronro. However please note, that if you withdraw from an ordinary exam you will not be able to participate in the re-exam in the same term.

It is also possible to withdraw from re-exams taking place in August.