First-year exam

First-year exam for Bachelor's degree students

In order to continue on your degree programme, you must pass the first-year exam before the end of the first academic year. 

This means that you must pass at least 50 ECTS credits during the first academic year of your degree programme (1st semester and 2nd semester).  

Check your academic regulations to see how many ECTS credits your first-year exam is worth and which exams are included in your first academic year. 

If you do not pass the first-year exam

If you do not pass the first-year exam before the end of the first academic year, you will not be able to continue your studies, and you will thereby lose your right to a new examination attempt.  

This means that even if you have unused examination attempts, you will lose the right to use them if the deadline for the first-year exam has passed. 

If there is a risk that you will not be able to fulfil the requirements to pass your first-year exam due to, for example, long-term illness or other exceptional circumstances, it is possible to apply for an extension. 

You can read more about extensions under 'Exemptions' in the left menu.  

Please apply for extension via, where you can find application forms.