Below you will find answers to many of the questions that we often receive about exchange.

If you do not find the answer to your question, please contact your international coordinator. You can find our contact information under "Study abroad" -> "Contact" in the menu.

When can I see where I can go in the next application round?

Per. 15/10, most of the agreements are ready in MoveOn.

However, changes may occur up to 1. November, where the system opens for applications for the December round.

Per. 15/3 the agreements have been updated in relation to the application round in May.

Can we apply to go on exchange two people together?

Yes, you can! You can state in your application who you want to travel with and you must also decide whether you want to travel on your own if it is not possible to get a spot at the same university.

When you apply together you should both list the same priorities in your application. Also, it is especially important to have many priorities, as it can be more difficult to get a desired university. If you apply to go together it is the lowest average grade on which we allocate spots. If one of you for example has 10.9 in average grade and the other 4.3, then it is 4.3 that counts in the allocation.

What should I do if there are changes in my course programme after I have made my advance approval?

You do NOT need to apply for a new advance approval if there are changes in the courses you want to take on your host university.

Instead, you must write an email to your head of degree programme and have the new courses approved directly by him/her via email. In this way, you know that you can have the courses credit transferred when you return home.

When your head of degree programme has approved the courses, you must:

  • Update your Learning Agreement (LA) on the Erasmus portal.
  • Send the approval email you have received from your head of degree programme to mobility.nat-tech@au.dk, so that we at the international office can see that the change has been academically approved. We will then approve your LA.

Should I write which courses I would like to have at all the universities that I apply to?

The short answer is YES! And this is because we need to be sure that there are enough relevant courses at all the universities you list. 

Therefore, you must specify courses corresponding to 30 ECTS for all your priorities.

This information is also a help to you, as you must also specify the courses when you apply for advance approval later on.

Can I apply to go abroad both autumn and spring at the same time?

You can only apply for the primary semester you would like to go abroad, but you can indicate in the application system that you are flexible in relation to which semester you can go. 

It is also possible to apply for a full academic year/two semesters if you would like to have a longer stay.

Is it a disadvantage to apply for more priorities?

No, because the more universities you specify, the greater is your probability of going on exchange. We allocate spaces according to average grade regardless of whether you are applying for one or more places.

When allocating exchange places we want to send out as many people as possible and we are trying to allocate places based on first priorities. But since there are many who want the spots for the particularly popular destinations (e.g. Australia and New Zealand) this is not always an option. We expect you to only apply for destinations that you are interested regardless of the priority.

Do you have questions about the course offer at a partner university?

If you have questions about the course offer or the content of a course at a partner university you must contact their international office for help. Unfortunately, your international coordinator at Nat-Tech cannot help you with that part.

Can I cancel my exchange after having accepted it?

Yes, it is possible to cancel your exchange at any point. 

However, you should be aware that if you cancel later than 1. May it is not possible for us to allocate the spot to other students and it is therefore wasted.

If you cancel your exchange there are some things you need to do:

  • Inform your home and host international coordinator about your decision. 
  • Update your study contract in the Contract Generator.
  • If you have made an advance approval, you must inform the Study Board that it should be cancelled – you can email studieservice.nat-tech@au.dk.
  • If you cancel your exchange for the next semester after the registration deadline for courses at AU you must email undervisning.nat-tech@au.dk in order to register for courses. However, you must first remember to update and get an approval of your study contract in the Contract Generator!

Should I apply in the December round or the May round if I would like to go abroad in the spring?

We always recommend that you apply for the December round if you already know where you would like to go - and especially if you are interested in one of the more popular overseas destinations. This is due to the fact that the December round is where all the exchange places for that academic year are available.

There is nothing wrong with applying in the May round, but some of the most popular places will be gone as we only offer the places that are left from the December round. However, there are still plenty of cool destinations left to choose from! 

Where can I find exchange evaluations from other students?

We ask all of our students to evaluate their stay in MoveOn when they have returned. You can find them as 'Travel reports' under the individual agreements with the universities. However, there are not that many available yet as the system is only a few years old.

Should I register for courses at AU if I am in doubt as to whether I am going on exchange?

No, you should not register for courses at AU if you expect to be on exchange in the following semester.

If, after the courses registration period has ended, you find out that you do not want to go to exchange anyway, you can write to undervisning.nat-tech@au.dk to register for courses at AU. Before that, remember to update and get an approval of your study contract in the Contract Generator.

Will the grades from my study abroad semester be transferred to my diploma?

If you are going abroad and have a reexamination, can you postpone participating in the reexamination?

If the reexamination does not affect your first-year exam or your maximum study period and you still have the option of three examination attempts, you can wait to register for the reexamination until after your stay abroad.

If the reexamination affects your first-year exam or may affect your maximum study period you must apply for an exemption on mitstudie.au.dk.

If you have already registered for a reexamination and you would like to deregister, you must apply for an exemption at mitstudie.au.dk

Can I apply for a stay abroad while I am on sabbatical between my bachelor's and my master's?

The answer is yes - for more information, please contact your international coordinator. As you do not have access to AU's systems while on sabbatical, you must apply by email.

NB: If you plam study abroad in the semester when you are readmitted to AU you will not be eligible for the Erasmus scholarship. We simply cannot handle the scholarship when you are not in our exchange system in the semester before your stay abroad.

Are you an international full degree student?

Erasmus grant

All AU students who are going on an exchange at one of Aarhus University’s Erasmus partner universities will be considered for an Erasmus grant unless they have already been granted an Erasmus Mundus scholarship or other types of EU funding.

Tuition fee

If you are a non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizen (or hold a British national overseas passport) you must pay tuition fee at Aarhus University for the entire period of your study – also if you are going on exchange to another university.