Campus and facilities

Due to the characteristic architecture of the university and the location in the scenic University Park, Aarhus University Campus is listed among the 10 most beautiful campuses in the world by Huffington Post. The yellow bricks and tile roofs give the architecture of the campus an impressing cohesiveness allowing for a unique combination of modern architectural elements and the original college buildings from the 1930s. The Department of Political Science is located in the north end of the University Park and as a student at AMAPS, you will have easy access to the campus facilities.

This website provides information on the facilities on campus and at the Department of Political Science in particular. 

Facilities on Campus

The Royal Danish Library
Located in the northwest end of the University Park, The State and University Library provide scientific books and articles for all the faculties at Aarhus University. At the library you’ll find reading rooms and rooms for study groups while the top floor offers areas for relaxing. From Monday to Friday, the newly-refurbished canteen offers a variety of nutritious food, and in February, the traditional South Jutlandic “cake table” forms the inspiration for the annual Heavy Cake Buffet. Here visitors can enjoy an impressive cake buffet boasting more than 100 homemade cakes.

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Studenterhus Aarhus is a private organisation which offers a student house for all students enrolled on higher education degree programmes in Aarhus. Studenterhus Aarhus runs Studenterbaren and Studiecaféen and also houses several student associations.

Studenterbaren is a bar located in the basement of Studenterhuset. The bar has a down-to-earth atmosphere, and visitors can borrow board games and grab a beer or a cider in the well-assorted bar which is run by volunteers. Studenterbaren also hosts a variety of popular social events such as pub quizzes, beer tasting sessions, etc.

Studiecaféen is a café situated on the ground floor of Studenterhuset. Besides functioning as a student café, Studentercaféen organises different events such as second-hand bazaars and drop-in Latin dance courses to name a few.

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International Student House
The International Student House is a part of Studenterhus Aarhus and was founded with the aim of bringing Danish and international students together via a variety of projects.

Every week, the International Student House hosts International Nights which are social get-togethers occasionally with live music. Furthermore, the volunteer group IGroup arranges all kinds of activities for international and Danish students such as trips to Danish tourist attractions, stand-up comedy nights and pub quizzes.

Facilities at Aarhus BSS 

The AU Library, Aarhus BSS
During the day, the AU Library, Aarhus BSS is filled with diligent students, working in groups or studying along in one of the library’s reading rooms. The common room on the second floor provides a well-used opportunity for students to store and prepare their own food and enjoy a break from the books. Since students are allowed to use the facilities of the library 24/7, students can be spotted between the bookshelves even at night time and early in the morning.

Reading rooms
Law students, psychology students and political science students share the reading rooms at the AU Library, Aarhus BSS. The AU Library, Aarhus BSS comprises two bright reading rooms and several reading spaces between the bookshelves. Additional modern and spacious reading spaces and group rooms can be found on the top floors of buildings 1331 and 1332. Next to the canteen, the multi-room, which is colloquially called Forhistorisk, is often crowded with study groups alongside students enjoying a break.

Our Canteen
In our spacious and bright canteen, you can enjoy lunch or a cup of coffee with your fellow students. The canteen kitchen serves a variety of nutritious and homemade food. Hot meals comprising both Danish classics and internationally inspired meals are freshly prepared and served every day. As a snack you can enjoy organic fruit, homemade sandwiches, or bread and pastry homemade by the university bakery.