Early exam schedule at Nat and Tech

Exam schedule is published before course registration

For the fall semester 2024, the exam schedule for courses under the Department of Computer Science, Geoscience, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Agroecology will be published on the date below. The remaining departments are expected to follow suit from spring 2025 onwards. 

Aarhus University has gradually switched to a new way of creating teaching and exam schedules, so-called "curriculum-based planning", which means that the teaching and exam schedule is published seven days before course registration. For you as a student, this means that you can see the teaching and exam schedule well before the start of the semester and before you have to register for courses. If you are registering for electives, you can see when the courses you want are scheduled and choose courses that are not scheduled at the same time.  

This early exam schedule only includes ordinary exams. Reexams are scheduled continually towards the exam period.

Fall semester

Spring semester

Exam schedule: 24th of April 

Exam schedule: 24th of October

Course registration: 1st-5th of May

Course registration: 1st-5th of November 

Starting from and with the fall semester 2024, the teaching schedule for all courses at Nat and Tech will be published on the above dates. 

The goal of earlier teaching and exam schedules is to create more stable and predictable schedules and make it easier for you as a student to plan an optimal study program without overlapping schedules. 

How to see the schedule of your exams

As normal, you access the exam schedule via “Examination schedules” in the overview on the left side of this homepage.  

Remember to check the schedule regularly. 

Although we of course try to avoid it, there may be changes to the schedule both before and after the start of the semester due to unforeseen events. It is therefore important that you regularly check the schedule to make sure you have the most up-to-date schedule. 

This is how we schedule at Nat and Tech

Until now, the exam planning of the ordinary exams at Nat and Tech has been based on students' course and exam registrations. 

When the exam schedule is published before course registration, the exams are instead planned based on information from curricula, experiences from previous semesters, historical data on enrolments and information from the course coordinators and instructors. 

Each programme has also decided which electives should not have overlapping schedules. If you experience that the exam schedule of two electives have been scheduled at the same time, it may be because your education has chosen that, that particular course combination does not have to be possible in terms of overlapping schedules. 

If you need help and guidance

It can be a bit of a puzzle to get hours, rooms and all students' course registrations to add up, and therefore some students will find that the courses they want are scheduled at the same time, including their exams. If this is the case and you need to make a new study plan, you are recommended to contact the 'Student Guidance Counsellors’, which can help you create a course composition that meets your academic wishes.  

Remember that you must update and have approved your study contract in the Contract Generator every time you change your study programme (does not apply to Bachelor of Engineering students).