Fribeløb: Maximum permissible earnings

Your "fribeløb" is he amount of money you’re allowed to earn while receiving SU.

When you receive SU there are limits on how much you are allowed to earn alongside your SU. The amount will be calculated on an annual basis. Read more about the maximum permissible earnings and rates in this regard

How much can i earn besides my SU?

Your monthly "fribeløb"

Your monthly "fribeløb" can consist of three different rates (lowest, medium and highest monthly "fribeløb"). The rate of the specific "fribeløb" depends on your situation in that particular month. 
See the rates for monthly "fribeløb" here. 

Your yearly "fribeløb"

Your yearly "fribeløb" is calculated from January to December. It is the maximum amount of money you are allowed to earn when also receiving SU. If you earn more, you have to repay all or some of your SU and any SU-loan.

Your yearly "fribeløb" is composed of 12 monthly "fribeløb" – one for each month. 

When you calculate your yearly "fribeløb", you have to add up the 12 different monthly "fribeløb".

Please notice, that there applies special rules when your start and finish your education. You can read more about this unde "Periodisering" further down on this page.

Avoid paying back some of your SU

You can use our calculator to find out how much you are allowed to earn besides your SU.
The calculator is in Danish, but we hope it will be helpful anyways.

Find the calculator HERE.

Increased "fribeløb" - apply here

In some instances, you can get an increase in your maximum permissible earnings. This applies if you:

  • are receiving certain grants, compensation or scholarships
  • are receiving SU that is dependent on your parents’ income, and your parents have a high income
  • are doing military service abroad
  • are receiving an SU PhD fellowship

Please note that travel grants for study abroad are as a rule tax-exempted, but if you are in doubt please contact the scholarship administrator or the Danish tax authority SKAT.

How do I apply for an increased "fribeløb"?

  1. You must check under which circumstances your are entitled to increase your "fribeløb" and check what kind of documentation you have to upload to your application.
  2. You have to fill out an application in minSU -> søg SU -> Forhøjelse af Fribeløb
  3. Send in the receipt page from minSU with the relevant documentation to the SU Office, using the botton on this page.

In some instances your maximum permissible earnings will automatically be increased, e.g. if you are receiving an SU PhD fellowship for a 4+4 or 3+5.

Before submitting your application you should thus read more about increases in maximum permissible earnings.


Special regulations apply in the year you start or finish your studies.

"Periodesering" means that we only look at your income and "fribeløb" in the months where you have been enrolled at a higher education.

If you have earned too much in the year that you either start or finish your education, you can avoid having to pay back SU, if you fulfill the rules of "periodisering".

"Periodisering" means that you do not have to repay any SU, if your monthly income stay within the limit of your fixed amount during the months you are enrolled in an educational institution.

You can read more about the conditions of "periodisering" on this page, under "Periodisering of your income"