Non-Danish citizens

As a Non-Danish citizen you have the oppurtunity to receive equal status with Danish citizens, and receive the state educational grant (SU).

There a different rules according to which you can apply for equal status, and accordingly, different different conditions that you must fulfil.
You can read more about equal status, conditions and documentation here.

It is the Agency who processes your application regarding equal status

It is important to notice, that it is the Agency in Copenhagen who processes applications regarding your equal status. The SU Office at Aarhus University only prosesses your SU-application.

Therefore, if you have any specific questions about documentatiob, working hours or changes to your cicumstances, you need to contact the Agency. You can find their contact information here.

How do I apply for SU as a non-Danish citizen?

You must apply for SU for your degree in minSU on
To gain access to minSU you need to use mitID. If you do not have mitID already, you can order it thorugh 

Remember to apply for equal status

No more than 3 weeks from when you have applied for SU in minSU, you need to have applied for equal status.
You gain access to the equal status application by clicking the link on the receipt page you get, when you apply for SU in minSU.
You can also find the equal status application in minSU -> søg SU -> Application for equal status (foreign citizens)

Senest 3 uger efter du har søgt om SU i minSU, skal du søge om ligestilling. 

Remeber to attatch the neccessary documentation.

Remember to register your CPR-number

Your SU-application can only be processed by us, if your CPR-number has been correctly registered in the study administrative system.

You can register your CPR-number here: Change of CPR number student Aarhus University (

Changes to your circumstances

It is very important that you let the Agency know if there has been any changes to your circumstances regarding your equal status. You need to let the Agency know as fast as possible if there has been any changes, and you might also need to upload new documentation.

Changes to your circumstances that can affect your equal status can be:

  • You get a new job
  • You become involuntarily unemployed
  • You become ill
  • You go on holiday
  • You start a study period abroad
  • You start an internship/project placement
  • You're going on paternity leave
  • You start a new education

You can read more about changes in your circumstances, and what to do here.

I start a new education

If you start a new education you need to reapply for equal status.

Equal status according to EU law

If you have gained equal status according to EU law and later start a new education or change programmes, you need to reapply for SU and equal status in minSU. After, you need to send the information form with relevant documentation and send it to the SU Office. 
You need to send the filled-out form no later than 21 days from when you reapplied for SU in minSU.

Equal status according to Danish rules

If you have gained equal status according to Danish rules and later start a new education or change programmes, you need to reapply for SU and equal status in minSU. You do not have to fill out the information form again, unless you have been away from Denmark for a continuous period of more than 2 years.