AU Green Guide: Transport

As you probably already know, transport  is one of the areas in which we can do a lot for the climate. Here are some ideas for those of you who want to "greenify" your travel habits.

AU Facts

In 2020, transport by AU's own vehicles accounted for 674.7 tonnes of CO2 emissions. In 2019, this figure was 828,4 tonnes. 

The bicycle as a means of transport


Obviously, the bicycle is a climate-friendly transport alternative.

So, if you can choose the bike, then you'll be choosing the greenest mode of transport.

Did you know that ...

some bicycle shops lend out electric bikes for free for a 24-hour period, so that you can discover whether an electric bike is the right solution for you?

Did you know that ...

the most climate-friendly way to get from east Denmark to west Denmark is by express train or by bus via the Great Belt Bridge? The most climate-unfriendly way is by airplane, or driving by car alone and taking the high-speed car ferry. (Source: Henrik Gudmundsson, senior consultant at Concito).

CO2 emissions in grams per person per kilometre:

Train = 40 grams

Electric car = 60 grams

Bus = 80 grams

Petrol and diesel vehicles = 120 grams

Domestic flights = 180 grams

International flights = 220 grams

High-speed car ferry = 1,700 grams

AU facts

If your bike gets a flat tyre, you can use one of the bike pump stations located around campus.

Public transport

Public transport is a green alternative to the car. Less CO2 is emitted when we travel many people together on the same train or bus rather than each of driving alone by car.

Did you know that ...

you can find tips for travelling by train in Europe hereDeutsche Bahn's website and's website provide a good overview of all train services in Europe.